EMF Protection Business Opportunity


Best business opportunity for women - or anyone who wants to make a difference in their life.
Become a Gia Wellness Independent Consultant  
As an independent consultant with Gia Wellness you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. The tools, training and support are here for you to leverage and create momentum. Tools include conference calls, marketing material and training events. Your opportunity of a lifetime begins with a decision. A decision that you want more out of life and that you want to make a positive difference in the lives of others.
The most critical aspect of our business is that your financial well-being is determined entirely by the number of people you positively impact with our products and business. The foundation of the Gia Wellness business opportunity is the leading-edge science based technology that applies to major concerns of modern living.  
At Gia Wellness we have the vehicle for you to achieve the life you want and deserve

The Gia Wellness Business Opportunity Today
Yes, it is Network Marketing - NO, it is NOT like all the rest.
*You will not find Gia Wellness in stores.
* Gia Wellness has the only scientifically proven technology (others claim but do not have substantiated science).
* Gia Wellness pre-launch was in March 2004, formally launched in January 2005.
* Ground Floor Opportunity
* Some people are already earning over $20,000 per month
* Fantastic marketing and personal development training
* Gia Wellness started with two partners and two consultants in March 2004. As of 12/25/05, there are over 8,000 consultants
* Over $8 million in sales in BIORPO's first year
* Projected growth to over 40,000 consultants by the end of 2006!
You can become a Gia Wellness consultant today!
* Exclusive and unique products that harmonize and neutralize harmful EMF radiation emitted by cell phones, cordless phones, computers, etc.
* Every product, including nutritionals, are powered with Gia Wellness's proprietary Energy Resonance TechnologyTM - not duplicable by any other company!
* Everyone needs these products - no one else has them. You will not find Gia Wellness products in retail stores.
* Due to pending lawsuits against the cell phone industry, the hazards of using cellular phones will be a BIG NEWS story in the very near future - and you have the opportunity to provide the Gia Wellness solution!

Benefits to Distributors:
* Free website and shopping cart (no set-up fees or monthly fees)
* No quotas required
* No inventory required, direct shipping to consumer
* Generous compensation, paid weekly and monthly
* Professional marketing tools
* 30-50% profit on personal sales
(i.e., Becky and I (Executive Directors) have a full-time business.
Working just part-time, our recent monthly commissions and bonuses totaled $12,240).

Get Started Today !

Please call our corporate office at:
(760) 772-9300 or 1-800-500-9395

24-Hour Info Hot Line - Call: (512) 505-6877
Gia Wellness - is it about us? No, it's about you . . . . your opportunity to:
Breakthrough your personal barriers. Discover your true potential and capabilities.
* Make a BIG difference in the lives of others by teaching others how to:
- Improve their health
- Reduce high tech stress
- Potentially save their own lives & those of their loved ones
* Create a new level of prosperity for yourself and others.
- Perhaps you'd like a new car
- Obtain a down payment for a house
- Fund an early retirement
- Find a new career
- Become financially independent

Creative Abilties for Product Development
World class marketing strategies and a top-notch sales training staff to help you at every level of self-discovery for you to take yourself to levels of success you never thought possible. Also to hone your abilities to positively impact the lives of hundreds of people.

Gia Wellness Management

A company can have the best products in the world but without an excellent, experienced management team, your company could flounder.

Co-founder and CEO, Ray Grimm, has had "legendary" success in both the direct selling industry and a variety of entrepreneurial enterprises. In the last 25 years, Ray Grimm has launched three companies and led each to more than $50 in annual sales within the first five years. Ray's vision of Gia Wellness is that it WILL become a billion dollar company. After the official launch of Gia Wellness in 2005, the first year's sales are over $8 million dollars. Gia Wellness has gone international in 5 countries, with 10,000 consultants worldwide.

Co-founder and President, Alfred Hanser, has years of experience in the medical instrument development and manufacturing field. Alfred's international marketing and sales expertise to Fortune 500 companies has proven invaluable in establishing Gia Wellness in five countries in Gia Wellness's first year. Alfred also has a solid grasp on the new science of Bioenergetics, a powerful, one-of-a-kind technology that powers each and every Gia Wellness product.

If you think you want to pass up this opportunity today, please mark your calendar one year from today to re-check Gia Wellness's growth. Perhaps, then, you will reconsider.

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